TWD “The Sorrowful Life” FEELS Poem

Writing to make the hurt go away a little and English class asking for work. 

Crossbow drawn readying to fire, I see you there

Hunched over and shot through, there’s blood on you

Eyes of blue now stained in a yellow stare

You rise up limping over and I knew….

Paled and bloody you lunge with dead weight

I shove you back again, my resolve cracking

‘Only Merle can kill Merle’ rings out now as fate

I drop the bow, everything else is blurring

Slam down the knife and you’ll be gone for good this time

Blood, guts, and pain fill the silence of killing

Your bloody wounds scream abuse of wartime

But you self, dead quiet now, reeks of drinking

I just want my brother back, then what went wrong?

My body falls, my mind’s shot, I am no longer strong.

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